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Santint Applies for Intelligent Clamping System Patent

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Santint has successfully applied for the patent of "Intelligent Clamping System". This system adopts the sensing device and needs no extra operation. It automatically avoids any damage caused by improper clamping of the paint can.

The operational principle goes like this: the sensing flake extends out when the upper and lower platen touch the paint can. Along with the clamping, the sensing flake rotating alongside with the clamping device will pass the optical sensor. The clamping system receives the confirmation signal when the paint can is properly pressed. Then the operator will press the START button to run the machine. If the clamping system receives no confirmation signal, the machine will not run even if the operator presses the START button. Thus any malfunction caused by the negligence of the operator would be avoided.

This patented technology has been adopted by G36 and G42 which are the manual gyroscopic mixer of Santint. We believe that the operational safety and the product competitiveness would be greatly improved by this technology.

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