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SANTINT Presents New Products at CHINA COAT Show

Number of Visits: 655

18th CHINA COAT show was held during 20th. November to 22nd, November, 2013 in Shanghai. According to the statistics from the organizer, there had been 926 exhibitors and over 35000 visitors during the three days.


SANTINT’s booth is 120. The sales; R&D; after-sales service; and IT staff were present at the meeting.


This coating show coincides with the launching of several new products from SANTINT. There are 8 sets of machines presented on the show, including 3 automatic dispensers together with the self-developed tablet dispensing software. Many visitors were crowded in SANTINT booth showing their interests in the new products and software.


Over 300 customers are welcome by SANTINT and our agents from Southeast Asia; Middle East; and Europe as well as our colleagues from Africa and U.S.

China COAT Show

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