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You will be an expert although you are not a professional

Interface of the new version of ColorExpert 2.7 fully updated,welcome to download and experience!

Color Expert 2.0 is a new generation of toning software developed by Santint and a brand new version with powerful functions upgraded on the basis of software Color Expert 1.0. The user interface, formula data management, toning efficiency, fault-tolerant processing, etc. have all been greatly improved in New Color Expert 2.0. Choosing Color Expert 2.0, you can become a color expert even without professional knowledge!

Main Functions

1. Software Color Expert 2 has many language versions and personalized data package service. Users can translate by using external tools directly and enter a new language, add personalized LOG on the friendly interface, set common functions, etc., making the software run more smoothly.
2. User’s standard formula data is separated from other data, which makes it convenient to upgrade user’s formula data and protect them from leakage. SQL Server, a large database is adopted, which has greatly enhanced both the stability and speed of the database.
3. Upgrade the formula and send new or improved formulas via internet to all sales outlets and reduce the maintenance costs of formula upgrading.
4. Color Expert 2 can enter more than one toning tasks at the same time and mix colors in order successively. Besides, the sequence of the toning tasks can be adjusted according to customers’ needs, and thus makes customers more freely when mixing colors.