AC300 Automatic Tint Dispenser

AC300 Automatic Tint Dispenser

Dispenser Features

AC300 Auto­mat­ic Tint Dis­penser uses our patent­ed high-accu­ra­cy hum­ming­bird tech­nol­o­gy 

The dig­i­tal LCD dis­plays real-time machine sta­tus

Patent­ed 100% recir­cu­la­tion keeps noz­zle clean and purge-free with­out block­age

Intel­li­gent and fast con­vey­or sys­tem

 Flex­i­ble, mod­u­lar design

Small vial dis­pens­ing is an option


San­ti­n­tUSA also offers the AO480 Auto­mat­ic Dis­penser and the ver­sa­tile AC1 Auto­mat­ic Tint Dis­penser.

Dispenser Specifications

Pow­er Sup­ply: 110V240V, 50/60Hz

Machine size:
111.02” W x 58.27” D x 40.16” H

Oper­a­tion height:  49.21
Refill­ing height: 51.18″