GH400-max Automatic Gyroscopic Paint Mixer

GH400-max Automatic Gyroscopic Paint Mixer

Mixer Features

High capac­i­ty allows the GH400-max Auto­mat­ic Gyro­scop­ic Paint Mix­er to do the work of two-three ordi­nary paint mix­ers

Can han­dle up to 20″ high cans

The auto unlock­ing tray elim­i­nates oper­a­tor bend­ing

Mix­ing speed and clamp­ing pres­sure assigned with one but­ton

Tri-direc­tion door takes up less space

Vari­able mix­ing time 30-900 sec­onds

SantintUSA’s oth­er paint mix­ers include G360 Auto­mat­ic Clamp­ing Gyro­scop­ic Mix­er  and the V10 Vor­tex Mix­er.

Mixer Specifications

Max mix­ing weight: 88.18 lbs

Mix­ing speed: 150/185/240rpm

Pow­er Sup­ply: 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz 1.5 kW 

Machine Dimen­sions: 38.98” W x 37.01” D x 47.24″ H

Ship­ping Dimen­sions: 40.55” W x 40.16” D x 53.54” H

Net Weight: 584.23 lbs

Gross Weight: 661.39 lbs