A3 Automatic Tint Dispenser

A3 Automatic Tint Dispenser

Dispenser Features

High Effi­cien­cy – up to 300 ml/min

Freight reduced 60% – three lay­ers in con­tain­er

100% re-cir­cu­la­tion through the noz­zle elim­i­nates noz­zle drying/blockage, makes dis­penser purge-free & main­te­nance-free, col­orant sav­ing, pro­vides sta­ble accu­ra­cy

Min­i­mum shot: 1/2000Y (0.015ml)

San­ti­n­tUSA also offers the AO200 Series and the AD Series alter­na­tives to our A3 auto­mat­ic tint dis­penser.

Dispenser Specifications

Pow­er Sup­ply: 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz, ≤ 100W

Machine Dimen­sions: 28.35” W x 35.24” D x 48.03”H

Ship­ping Dimen­sions: 38.19” W x 29.92” D x 29.92” H

Net Weight: 264.56 lbs

Gross Weight: 319.67 lbs