MS3 Combination Dispenser Shaker

Dispenser Features

Wash­er­less ceram­ic valves with sniff back, self-seal­ing anti-drip noz­zles

Min­i­mum shot: 1/384Y

Lock­ing gauges for repeata­bil­i­ty

POM (Poly­OxyMeth­yl­ene) plas­tic 2.3-liter can­is­ters with 2-ounce (Y) pis­ton pump. Com­pat­i­ble with low/zero VOC water­borne and sol­vent-based paints

Auto­mat­ic time-con­trolled agi­ta­tion with addi­tion­al man­u­al stir but­ton

16 can­is­ter turntable

Shaker Features

Patent­ed struc­ture-iso­lat­ed frame

Low noise

Auto­mat­ic clamp­ing for all sizes: half-pint to five-gal­lon cans and gal­lon cas­es

Con­trol pan­el with dig­i­tal dis­play

Push but­ton pro­gram­ing with pre­set time select from 60/180/300 sec­onds

For­ward mount­ed roller bar for easy loading/unloading

Door sen­sor- shak­er will not oper­ate with door open

Emer­gency stop but­ton

Equipped with wheels and cast­ers

San­ti­n­tUSA also offers the M3 man­u­al dis­penser and S4 ellip­ti­cal shak­er.

Dispenser/ Shaker Specifications

Max shak­ing weight: 77.16 lbs

Shak­ing speed: 680 rpm

Pow­er Sup­ply: 110V 60Hz, 750W (220V 50Hz avail­able)

Machine Dimen­sions: 32.20” W x 31.69” D x 57.09”H

Ship­ping Dimen­sions: 37.40” W x 39.57” D x 52.36”H

Net Weight: 595.25 lbs

Gross Weight:  661.39 lbs

Dispenser/ Shaker Options

Stain­less Steel can­is­ter 3.8-liter with 5-ounce (Y) pump


3-year parts (USA)