M3 Manual Paint Tint Dispenser

Dispenser Features

Wash­er­less ceram­ic valves with sniff back, self-seal­ing anti-drip noz­zles

Min­i­mum shot: 1/384Y

Lock­ing gauges for repeata­bil­i­ty

Ergonom­i­cal­ly-designed floor stand with space for San­ti­nt V10 mix­er (sold sep­a­rate­ly)

Auto­mat­ic time-con­trolled agi­ta­tion with addi­tion­al man­u­al stir but­ton

POM (Poly­OxyMeth­yl­ene) pla­sitc 2.3-liter can­is­ters with 2-ounce (Y) pis­ton pump. Com­pat­i­ble with low/zero VOC water­borne & sol­vent-based paints

Equipped with han­dles for easy trans­port

3-year parts war­ran­ty (USA)

SantintUSA’s oth­er man­u­al dis­penser is the MS3 Man­u­al Com­bi­na­tion Dis­penser and Shak­er.

Dispenser Options

Avail­able as either 12, 14, or 16 can­is­ter turnta­bles

Stain­less Steel can­is­ter 3.8-liter with 5-ounce (Y) pump

Counter top base

Dispenser Specifications

Pow­er Sup­ply: 220/110V 50Hz/60Hz, 80W

Machine Dimen­sions: 33.86” W x 33.86” D x 50”H (16 Can­is­ters)

Ship­ping Dimen­sions: 24” W x 40” D x 51” H

Gross Weight: 195 lbs