AO200 Series Automatic Tint Dispenser

Dispenser Features

Simul­ta­ne­ous dis­pens­ing of five can­is­ters

Cal­i­bra­tion-free pis­ton pump

Re-cir­cu­la­tion through the valve elim­i­nates tube drying/blockage

Min­i­mum shot: 1/384Y

Pro­gram­ma­ble agi­ta­tion

Noz­zle humid­i­fi­er and block­age alarm

Twelve (12) 2.5-liter and four (4) 4.5-liter can­is­ters

Col­or Expert 3 soft­ware includ­ed

3-year parts war­ran­ty (USA)

Oth­er San­ti­n­tUSA auto­mat­ic tint dis­pensers include the A4 Hum­ming­bird and the AD Series dis­pensers.

Dispenser Specifications

Pow­er Sup­ply: 110V 60Hz, 250 W (220V 50Hz avail­able)

Machine Dimen­sions: 34.65” W x 30.51” D x 46.65”H

Net Weight: 220 lbs